What could be the erorr in this calculated field?


I am creating a calculated field I get the error message as displayed. I am not able to make it out where the mistake is

Please guide me what the reason could be

You shouldn’t need those extra parentheses around the field, but that shouldn’t be your error.

That error is not necessarily IN your calculated field.

Check syntax there will also bring in other errors in the baq.

Go ahead and save and check your conditions, links, subquery lists, etc. Even other calculated fields.

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What is the name of your calculated field? It cannot be an SQL reserved term.


I would use


But your formula shouldn’t be the error. Is it your only calculated field? Most likely @Mark_Wonsil is onto it and you have used a reserved word for your calculated field name.

Or a rogue parenthesis in a criteria somewhere.


Yep, that is a bit confusing… When you check for syntax, the error result might come from any part of your design, not necessary from within your current view…

So as a test, you may delete this calculated firld, and run the syntax check again to prove it!


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Yeah, probably a parenthesis in a filter or a join.

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as @Doug.C suggested I used isnull(InvcMisc.MiscAmt,0) and it worked for me. This calculated field was used in another calculated field and there was the syntax error. I missed a parenthesis at the end

Thank you so much for the response

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