What event or change could remove a job from the schedule?

Scheduler reporting that job has been removed from schedule that was previously scheduled.

Besides Engineered = True and Released = True.
If you change the required by date it prompts to schedule again.

My question: Is there any other process that would remove the job from the schedule besides someone manually removing it?

I also know that from Job Entry > Actions > Auto Schedule on Release has to be engaged. If there isn’t a checkbox there, the user isn’t prompted to schedule. You can engage the auto schedule process by clicking on the auto schedule on release again and the checkbox appears. I believe that is user specific.

Thanks in advance.

I believe if the req date is far in the future, and you have Global Scheduling run, then it will push the load out past your horizon. That might make the job disappear from the schedule. If you want to pull a job forward from a far future req date, and keep it there, make sure you lock the job in the schedule (in Job Entry). Then you can run global scheduling as normal, and that locked job won’t get automatically moved.

Thanks, Nate. I will look at that. I appreciate your reply.