What happens with past due load when scheuling new jobs?

Wondering if anyone knows how/if “past due” load is being considered when scheduling new jobs?
And if global scheduling would consider load different than when scheduling from job entry?

The majority of scheduling is being done thru Job Maintenance when jobs are released, finite forward scheduling.
All of our resources are setup as finite and in company configuration:
NO - Allow Scheduling Before Today
YES - Global Reschedule Started Operations


as far as i know, it only looks to capacity by day and does not try to calculate what might be considered past due.

Thanks, that is what I was thinking too but… nobody has ever actually verified the detail here…
Will probably be doing some testing to see if we can clear up any confusion.

I’d love to hear the results of your test fit future reference!

in order for “past due” work to be considered,you need to run a reschedule for that work so it moves into the current time frame. you can do this individually or with the global reschedule tool.


We use the global scheduling and have the same settings as you checked off. At that time it reschedules all “past due” load to start today (or in the future as it can fit it in). I believe if you do not run global - or- do not reschedule the “past due” jobs - then it will not be taking that load into account.

Just a footnote: this brings the past due work up to date if scheduling isn’t locked on the job header.

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