What is the event trigger when the selected value change?


I’m in the ClosingJob form. I dont’ know why but I can’t bind custom field because there not there in the field selection. So I want to add a field and populate it with the custom field via an adapter.

But I don’t know the event trigger to use to populate my field each time I move to another job number?

Just curious, is this a custom field that you just recently added that you are trying to bind to? If so you may need to go to your Administration Console and Regenerate the Data Model for your database in order for it to show up.

It’s the field CheckBox1 who are in JobHead but in the ClosingJob form the field was’nt present.

My Idea is to add a check box object and populate it each time I change of jobnum.

Can you see that field somewhere else? How do you know it’s there?

Each table have lot of fiels we can use. JobHead have this fields in other form, like the job entry form.

I don’t know why the ClosingJob form don’t have it. Bu what I’m trying to do it’s find the trigger when I select another job number to populate my field.

I E9 they had those extra fields. In E10, they are not there by default, you add them yourself. If you did an upgrade from E9, some of those fields will come with, but only if there was data in those fields.

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You could use the Before or AfterFieldChange Event or if you’re going to be entering the job number manually instead of selecting it you could use the OnLeave event of the JobNum Textbox itself.

Ok I see.

The AfterFieldChange event work only if we change a value from a field. usefull if we want to add validation I supose. but if I select another job number it’s not the same behaviour.

Sometimes I've used EpidataviewNotifications but.. it gets called a lot.

And I am wondering how you're updating your field(s)
Manually checking the checkbox
or some code? e.g

You could use the Validated event on the field but I think it might be better to bring in a view for the Job as a Foreign Key View using the wizard under Tools->Data Tools

There should be no reason you can’t add a custom field and bind to it. There’s something wrong with the set up of your custom field.

I also now see that if the field is in JobHead, Job Closing Maintenance brings in the UD fields so scratch what I said. It sounds like the Data Model needs to be regenerated as mentioned in previous post

I finaly used the wizard to connect UD table and tweak it to point on JobHead.
It was not easy but it works.