What is the purpose of Job Adjustments on new system migration

Hi. I’m a new epicor user and we are in the process of migrating data from another ERP system into Epicor. I’m bringing over the open balance only of WIP jobs from our old system. Why do I also need to create job (mtl, labor, subcon) adjustments? What is the purpose of job adustments in this case? We are also closing GL period in our old system immediately before loading job data to Epicor and closed job costs should be accounted for in the old system. Doesn’t a cost adjustment imply a double entry (old and new system) in that case? Any info is good info. thanks

This is to add cost to the job that was in the jobs in the old system. the job cost is what will hit your COGS.

I’ve done a couple of migrations from other ERPs into Epicor and Job Cost Adjustments were a critical part of the process. Epicor tracks WIP on the GL as well as transactionally in each job, so once you have created all of your open jobs in Epicor from your old system, those jobs will be sitting at $0 of open WIP, even if you have done a journal entry to bring your opening account balances from your old system. You use Job Cost Adjustments to actually load those opening WIP balances to the jobs transactionally so that your Work In Process report (the WIP subledger) matches your GL opening balances. When you enter these adjustments, the increase in WIP is offset by an adjustment expense account that is set for the company in your company GL Controls.

This also means that if you loaded your account balances before loading your “transactional” data like on hand quantities, part costs, and WIP, then you will need to enter another journal to reverse the effects of the transactions when you run your first WIP capture. I would suggest loading the transactions (WIP, stock) into Epicor first, running the capture WIP process so those transactions hit the GL, and then loading the rest of your GL account balances so that your Epicor opening balances match your old system’s closing balances. You can optionally post the WIP capture, and then enter a journal to reverse any movements made by the capture to set yourself back to $0 balances, and then load your opening balances from your old system.

thanks Tyler. that is the best description I’ve received on the subject. thanks for the help…