What is this called?

Let’s say I have a spreadsheet with new ABC codes to load into Epicor via DMT.

If want to explain this to you I say, “Open the DMT. Now click the ABC Code _______”

What is that called? It’s not always a table; it’s not always a business object (though that’s close).


App. Module. Tree menu item. If I’m having to describe something this basic, they generally don’t need a more precise term. Alternative: don’t even bother describing it. Just use graphical instructions. Win+Shift+S FTW.

Opinion: If I have to break it down to this kind of level, I probably wouldn’t let that user anywhere near DMT. If you can’t interpret “DMT>Mangement>Inventory>ABC Code” I don’t want to give you the power to make hundreds of mistakes per second.


I think I’ve always said template.

Learned something new!

Anyway, I’m making notes for my future self about an AR invoice DMT for advance billing, and I didn’t know how to say what I meant:


I rely on this too. But use -> in place of >.
DMT->Mangement->Inventory->ABC Code Is just a tad more readable.

Although I do often abbreviate Management as Mngmnt But that’s because I often referred to the main menu tree in the Classic shell. Imagine if I had to spell out the tree branch for:
Prod Mngmnt -> Job Mngmnt -> Reports


And FWIW - Greenshot (http://getgreenshot.org) is a great screen capture tool. One of the few freewares I’ve actually thrown a few bucks to.

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Arrows are fine. I use those too. Abbreviating management as anything other than “mgmt” is weird to me though. IMHO YMMV


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