What's the typical Time Entry workflow?

We’re implementing Epicor and last week, we worked on the Expense Entry:

  • Someone enters an expense
  • His supervisor approves the expense in ‘Time & Expense Approval’
  • Once approved, we can go into ‘Generate AP Invoices for Expense’
  • It then creates a group in AP Payment Entry
    It works really well and I feell like I understand this process pretty well.

I would like to know the basics related to Time Entry to understand the process the same way:

  • Someone enters a time entry
  • His supervisor approves the time in ‘Time & Expense Approval’
  • ??
    I see that in job Tracker-> Operations, there’s a ‘Labor Transactions’ tab, in this table, I can see Invoice # but I don’t know where I can generate or link an invoice to this time entry, am I missing something?


Any help on this ?

There is no invoicing related to time entry out of the box. Once approved, the labor record can go to the payroll module, but I despise the epicor payroll module.

Costs from this labor transaction will not be able to post to the general ledger until the labor transaction is approved.

Jobs remain open until approved.

If you need to generate an ap invoice, I assume for a contract emplyee?, you could do this through some automation like a service connect workflow, .net automation, and possibly a bpm triggered by a button somewhere.

Again, labor does not interface with ap transactions inherently.

Let me know if you want to brain storm some ideas.

Andrew Fagan

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