What's your favorite podcasts?

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been listening to podcasts for years now and am curious what others are listening to and with what apps. I’m more interested in the tech and business podcasts but I like science ones too. Here are my tech ones.

Daily Tech News Show - Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane
.Net Rocks - Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin
Weekly Dev Tips - Steve Smith/Ardalis
Hanselminutes - Scott Hanselman
The IntraZone (SharePoint)
Visual Studio Toolbox
Azure Friday
This Week on Channel 9
This Week in Enterprise Tech
Security Now

I use PocketCasts for my app.

Mark W.


Security Now…Steve Gibson…Now there’s a blast from the past. Good o’l Grc.com


I have various podcast fixes I listen to pretty much weekly. Some are tech some are just interesting my kids hate riding the car with me cause I won’t listen to music #AlwaysBeLearning I tell them.

Security Now ( the last of the TWIT shows I listen to…)
This American Life ( basically the radio show which gave birth to narrated radio stories ala podcasts with Ira Glass bows in respect)
Reply All
Radio Lab
Make me Smart with Kai Risdall and Molly Wood
More Perfect (a podcast about the supreme Court it’s amazing)
Mission to Zyxx (for the geeks it’s a completely improvised space fiction pretty awesome)
Sincerely X (anonymous controversial Ted talks)
The way I heard it (with Mike Row from dirty jobs 5 minutes and always super interesting)

Oh and I use iTunes cause #IPhone :frowning:


Mike Row = Legend :slight_smile:


non Tech
Radio Diraries
Science Vs
99% Invisible
More Perfect
The Economist
Data Skeptic
The Way I Heard It
Song Exploder

IT in the D (local Detroit)

I listen at 1.5 to 2X just to keep up…

I don’t listen to any tech podasts, (although maybe I should start)

Shows you guys already mentioned that I listen to:
Radio lab
This American life
The Way I Heard It

Shows that weren’t mentioned yet:
Planet Money
The Pitch (like shark tank but on a podcast, more nuts and bolts of the process, my current favorite)
Twenty Thousand Hertz (like 99% invisible but for sound)

I use an app called PodKicker. It does a nice job of grabbing the new episodes, then deleting them after I’ve listened to them.

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@josecgomez’s fave :sweat_smile:

gross original picture do not expand!

Originally @Chris_Conn graced us with the presence of this douche… I fixed it with a cat

sigh that guy was banned from all airwaves, and services including E10Help… I’m replacing that photo with a nice friendly cat

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I always thought it was possible you were a lizard person, this confirms it :rofl::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Cats are not friendly.

Compared to the original picture cats are angels


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Can’t get past the chipmunk voice

My Podcast app does a fairly good job at lowering the pitch when speeding up voices. I can set the speed by podcast too so podcasts with music (or foreign accents) can be 1.25X while economics and the other stuff is played at a higher rate. Pocketcasts exists for iPhone. You may like it. :slight_smile:

Mark W.

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Hmmm… I’ll giver a whirl :thinking:

.Net Rocks
RunAs Radio
The .Net Core Podcast
The Azure podcast
Troy Hunt’s weekly update
LINUX unplugged


I use Podcast Addict

For entertainment:

The Joe Rogan Experience (cherry pick ones that sound interesting)

Bill Burr

Pod Save America

I have to 2nd Jose with the More Perfect series, short but one of the best ever.

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So I thought I would try some based on recommendations. First one I tried is .Net Rocks. Actually quite interesting. I thought it was kind of funny that they use almost the same exact recipe as stuff you should know. Corny jokes, corny catch phrases… But very interesting. (but I can see why you listen to that one sped up @Mark_Wonsil)

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I was google podcast, but believe it or not it does not work with Android Auto, so I swapped to Podcast Addict. That thing has a myriad of options.

StarTalk Radio
StarTalk All-Stars
RFK Tapes
Hagerty Sidedrafts

I use Apple’s built in podcast app.

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