When I use the 'Paste Insert' function on Expense Entry List, the expense is inserted into the database but it disappears with status 'Entered'

I’m inserting rows into Time and Expense Entry for new expenses from an Excel file to Epicor. When I’m adding the row manually (with new->Expense), I can submit, recall and copy the expense.

But when I’m using the ‘Paste Insert’ function to insert the row, it works well except that the newly inserted row doesn,t stay in the table. Am I doing something wrong ? I know that the expense is there in the database and if I use the ‘Search’ tab in the same form, I can find it. But I would like all my expenses to show in My Expenses ():



Just realized that I can only see the expenses that have an expense date of today.

Even if I retrieve records by month, is that normal behavior or I am missing something?


Are you highlighting more than one day in your calendar? You can click/drag to see more than one day at a time.


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Just discovered this 1 minute before your answer after searching for hours but what’s the purpose then of Actions->Retrieve Records by -> Day/Week/Month?

Thanks , it’s great to have a solution but it would be easier to see my expenses in a list that contains all my expenses by month. (I know that there’s a Calendar Tab but I find it easier with a list to visualize the expenses and I can use Group Buy on the Expense Table)

If you look at the screen shot, you can see the days that are green. Those are days that have an entry. If you don’t retrieve by more a day, they don’t show up that way for you, so you have to click on each one to load it. It takes longer to load when you first open the screen, but it’s faster when you are bouncing around from day to day.

I don’t do expenses, so I’m not sure how this will work, but if you highlight a selection of dates, then go to the expense list tab, does it show the dates you have highlighted? Or just a single date?

If you need them by month, I would recommend a dashboard.


also, what does the expense search do? If you just return all, can you see them all here?


Yes, it works by selecting multiple days, it shows all expenses of these days in these lists. Expense Search is also another way to do this. I’ll use this then!