Where did this ADJ-PUR line come from?

I have a PO with one line and 3 releases. Each release goes to a
separate job and is $100 for a total of $300. Accounting always uses
the "Mass Receipt" function but for some reason only release 1 was
received. The other 2 lines show up as "Pending" and the material
receipt shows up correctly on the 1 job.

The confusing part is that on the Production Detail Report there is an
ADJ-PUR line linked to the invoice that adjusts the job from release 1
adding another $200. The AP invoice that is matched to the PO shows a
supplier quantity of 3 and our quantity of 1 and has a total of $300.

We are in a battle of who screwed up and I need to know if while she
was entering the invoice would she have to override the amount or
quantity to make this happen? It seems to me that there should have
been warning flags along the way.