Where do Operation Instructions and Scheduling Comments come from?

In a Job, under Operation, there are three comment fields, 1) Operation Comments, 2) Operation Instructions, and 3) Scheduling Comments. Operation Comments show in the Method of Manufacturing but Operation Instructions and Scheduling Comments do not. What is the source of data for these fields? We want to use these for operation instructions but it’s unclear how and where to populate this information.

You are right on. Those other two comment fields are only for a job after it has been created. They are not imported from anywhere. You can edit them when you create a new job. They are saved at the operation level.

Nate, thank you. That seems crazy to me. What if there is a set of standard operation instructions that you want to print every time, … what you’re saying is these have to be recreated for every new job? If that’s true what a terrible design!

There is a functionality called “Operation Text” where you can define a small novel’s worth of information, and then assign it to an Operation in the OpMaster so that every time that operation appears on a job traveler, the Operation Text prints out too.

Put it in the Operation Comments. Done and done! :slight_smile:

Thank you Nate.

Thank you Ernie.