Where is the System Default Unit of Measure (XaSyst.DefaultUM) updated?

Can anyone tell me where to update the System Default Unit of Measure (XaSyst.DefaultUM). This is the default UOM for non-Part Mastered items.

I just got through setting up our Test environment and noticed that Quotes created for part numbers that don’t exist in the Part table default to “BX” as opposed to “EA.”

I would assume this is updated somewhere in Company Config but, for the life of me, I cannot find it…Any guidance is much appreciated!

Todd Gilbert
DC Electronics, Inc.

Do you have a system default defined on the UOM Class itself? that might be it i’m not sure though.

I had the UOM Class “Count” set as default, with the UOM “Each” set as Base UOM and Default UOM. For some reason that didn’t carry over to the XaSyst.DefaultUM.

I decided to try changing the default UOM Class to “Time”, save it, then change the default back to “Count”… That fixed it!

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