Where to get the SDK from?

Hi Epicor community,

I was wondering if you can guide me where to get the SDK and its documentation from.
On EpicCare I have created a ticket but no response after 9 days.


@Shizar115 - Contact your CAM. They can send you a quote to purchase it. I’ve heard it’s a different purchase for E10 vs Kinetic 2021 versions, so it might be worth until you upgrade. Your CAM can clarify.

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Thank you @askulte
I guess that is faster than Epicor’s platform. Disappointed since I did not get any response at all…

Don’t be afraid to use the ‘escalate’ button on EpiCare. Only problem is you can’t escalate more than once!

However I had to create a second ticket in Professional Services and that section does not have any Escalate button :smiley: