Where to set the return email address when changing user's password?

Anyone know the location to set the return email address (no-reply@xxx.xxx) when changing a user’s password? Thanks.

Company Maintenance

Does anyone know how I turn off this email password feature?

What would you like to do instead? Are you planning to use single-sign on?

You could set the email to one that goes to the bit-bucket.

I’m always interested in security concerns so you have me a bit curious as to why…


I probably should have mentioned I’m trying to enable a new user

This is in our test environment which has no email server

However our production system passwords are SSO and managed via AD so really don’t need it

Since my post I have selected “allow blank passwords” in password policy. This now allows me to select “blank password” when enabling a new user

Hope that sates your curiosity. Thanks for replying

Brenton Smyth


What I’ve done for test environments is use a free windows email server.

When I was on Epicor SaaS, I wondered about using SSO with the Dev environment - especially with test users. It is in interesting problem.

Oh, one other thing I do is change the email address shown in the password reset to my email address - but this still uses the hMailserver software…

Thanks - all good now