Which serialized parts were tested with out-of-cal tools? Epicor 9.0

We're on 9.05.606 SQL and thinking about getting the Enhanced Quality Assurance module. But after looking at its Course in the Train Database don't really see how to relate out-of-cal tools with the parts tested with them. For example, let's say we have two Multimeters whose ID's are BMS100 and BMS110:

1/15/12 BMS100 and BMS110 are within calibration.
2/15/12 BMS100 tested 50 serialized Sales Kit Components on Job J123.
3/15/12 BMS110 tested 40 serialized Parts on Job J125.
7/15/12 BMS100 is out of calibration; recalibrated. BMS110 is within calibration.

How do we find the serialized parts tested between 1/15/12 and 7/15/12 by BMS100? And we have 10-12 tools of various types at each of our 9-10 workbenches.