Which tab does DMT use when XLSX file has multiple tabs

I thought DMT always selected the first (Leftmost on the row of tabs). Then I though it selected the active tab.

But I have an XLSX file and DMT keeps selecting the last (far right tab).

I guess I’ll have to start exporting the tab to a new (temp) file and using that for the source data.

I always export my working tab to a CSV I’ve had gitchy things happen with XLS files in terms of number formatting and such. A CSV is exactly as it shows nothing left to excels interpretation

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Make sure you save your file before reloading. I have seen DMT select the active tab only randomly but never the last tab. The 100% solution is what Joshua proposed (save as CSV). My personal preference is to save that tab as a new spreadsheet but only when a problem like this persists. You could also try closing DMT and re-launching to see if it finds the first tab of the saved spreadsheet again.