Which upgraded database should be used for production environment/GoLive

A question about which upgraded database should be restored to production environment. On Epicor upgrade portal, there are two upgraded databases available (custom and vanilla databases). According to Epicor upgrade guides, For the go live, one should typically deploy the Vanilla database to the Live slot. Vanilla database doesn’t include any customizations. If we deploy the Vanilla database to the Live slot, the Live doesn’t have any customizations. Do we need to uplift customizations manually? Why don’t we use custom database that includes all the customization we have? Thanks.

I had the same question for the team I was working with and they said it was good opportunity to review your customizations and import them as needed so that you can clean up customizations that aren’t being used.

I didn’t like having to use the vanilla and import all the custom BAQs, dashboards, reports, customizations, BPMs, data directives, localizations, etc., but I did it for the sake of what they were recommending. I also jumped into the upgrade process halfway through so I went with the flow.

Maybe there are better reasons for the vanilla approach, but that is what I heard from our consultant.

Vanilla is to test the new features of Epicor without having Customizations/BPMs interfere. There are a number of times I have written a BPM/Customization that was used to fix a current bug that was later fixed in a Release. Additionally, new features get added that make custom logic obsolete.


Great point Jason!