Who is logged in?

I think someone has figured out my password and has made some changes to some jobs. With that being said, how to find out who is logged in to Epicor? Can I get it by logged into the MES vs modern shell?

Admin Console will tell you.

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Can’t you just change your password?

Oh I have. BUT, there is a job that got changed and it is going cost a lot of money to fix. So I’d like to figure out how this happened and by whom. Problem is, this was done yesterday. Not sure how to find this out,and probably can’t.

The Admin console usually shows closed sessions for up to 3 days. But I’t just going to show the user - you. Not the workstation.

You can check the change logs. It’ll still show the user as you but you’ll be able to see what changes were made at what time.

One thing I’ve done is to tell users that EVERYTHING is logged - even when it is not. If they think their changes would be detectable and possibly traced back to them, they’re less likely to try and sneak in some “corrections”.

Plus people don’t like to get called out. Nothing worse than a user blaming it on “the system”, and then you provide evidence that they actually did what they say they didn’t.

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Very true! Have had to do that a few times to people and it was not pleasant. fortunately for me, I have the backing of my VP who knows for a fact there was no way I could of did what it looks like i did at the time stamp given. Anyway, I changed my password to something completely different and we will see if it continues.

New feature request… Picture with the change log!


Love that!!

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Or a keyboard that takes a DNA sample upon request.

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