Why a pack slip can be seen via Customer Shipment Summary but not seen via Customer Shipment Entry

We got a few pack slips. They can be seen in Customer Shipment Summary but can not be seen in Customer Shipment Entry. Anyone knows why? Please help. Thanks.

Are you in the correct company or plant?

We’re multi-plant, and cannot open packers created in another plant.

For example, if I launch Order tracker in plant A, it will show packers that were created in plant B. Using “Open With … Cust Packer Entry” will launch the Packer Entry program but then fail to load the packer.

Thank you, Calvin. Yes, I checked the company and sites. When using “open with Customer Shipment Entry” as you mentioned, the pack slip is blank without any content, but using Customer Shipment Summary and entering the pack slip #, the pack slip is not blank.

What is this? A report, a program (like “Customer Shipment Entry”), a sheet of another program?

Are you referring to “Customer Shipment Tracker”?

For eaxmaple, If I launch Order Tracker from site CHALFONT (PlantID is MfgSys), and select a anorder that has shipments from 2 plants (MfgSys and Guth), I see:

Using Open With on the packer of the first line will work. Because I am in plant/site MfgSys.

Trying the same on the second packer yields:

Customer Shipment Summary is a program.

Must be new. I don’t see it on 10.1.400.23.

Or it is a customization of another form. You could verify that by entering developer mode, and launching it to see what program it tries to launch, and if there are any customizations.


I see it was new in 10.1.500…

Customer Shipment Summary
Use Customer Shipment Summary to view summarized information for a customer shipment.

The Customer Shipment Summary displays the requested, shipped and remaining quantities for each order release in a shipment. Weight information for each release also displays.

But my main guess is that it is related to how info can be limited by plant/site. I can see info about shipments from site B with certain programs (like related trackers) while in site A.

I tried to go to all the sites to open it with Customer Shipment Entry. It is always blank.

Use the Sales Order Tracker (like in post #5 above), to veiw the siteID associated with the Packer.

I get the same exact “Record not found. Add new?” dialog when I enter a packer for site B, when Customer Shipment Entry was launched from site A.

I can not find the site column in Sales Order Tracker.

Scroll to the right. I moved the column in my screen shot to fit in one picture.

Yes, I saw them. They are all

in one site.

Your example showed PackNum 3630, yet that’s not shown screen shot of the Sales Order Tracker


And extrapolationg on the PackNum, that must be several years old. Anychance it was purged or lost during an update?

Thanks. The screenshot only shows part of the pack slip list. Actually PackNum 3630 is on the list.

Hello Ben, I have run into the same scenario, where I can see the packslip in ‘Customer Shipment Summary’ screen but not in ‘Customer Shipment Entry’. The packslips are all from the same site. Did you find a solution to this?


Yes, our problem is the wrong data entries. The pack slip’s data didn’t match sales order’s data.

Thanks Ben… I see the user has made a QTY error in packslip now, doesnt match SO qty. But I am still not able to open the packslip in ‘Customer shipment entry’ to correct the error. Any suggestions on how to fix that?

The mismatching has to be fixed in order to open the pack slip via Customer Shipment Entry. It can be fixed by updatable BAQ.