Why can't I run this query in SQL Explorer?


We made a couple of errors when mapping Operations from our legacy
system to Vantage.

Some where small and we have been fixing them via the Eng Workbench but
there is one that we hope to fix via SQL Explorer.

Below is the SQL statement that I am trying to run. When I execute it I
get an error that states:

=== SQL Exception 1 ===



[JDBC OpenEdge Driver]:Syntax error in SQL statement at or about "INNER
JOIN Pub.PartOpDtl ON Pub.PartOpr." (10713)

UPDATE Pub.PartOpr INNER JOIN Pub.PartOpDtl ON Pub.PartOpr.Company =
Pub.PartOpDtl.Company AND Pub.PartOpr.PartNum = Pub.PartOpDtl.PartNum
AND Pub.PartOpr.OprSeq = Pub.PartOpDtl.OprSeq

SET Pub.PartOpr.OpCode = 'EPOL', Pub.PartOpr.OpDesc = 'ELECTROPOLISH'

WHERE Pub.PartOpr.OpCode = 'POLISH' AND Pub.PartOpDtl.ResourceGrpID =


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