Why did your company choose Epicor Kinetic?

Hi all,

For those of you who moved or are moving to Epicor Kinetic ERP from other systems - what were the reasons that your company chose Epicor over the other ERP solutions out there? Who else did you consider?

Additionally, what prompted you to choose SaaS or on-premise?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can give.

I wonder how many people on this site were the original decision makers.
Rarely am I asked for an opinion on what system to go with.
I mostly just work on the stuff after the company has made their choices.

On the other hand, I do get questions about this. My opinion, the smaller the company, the more likely I’d recommend SaaS.
Even though I personally, much prefer to work with on-premise, it’s pretty hard for a small company to maintain everything, and recovering from IT employee turnover can be a killer.


Hey Zaneb,

We are not moving from a different system into Kinetic necessarily (E9), but we have other sites that use different ERPs that we also considered before deciding to move into Kinetic. The biggest driving factors were:

  • alignment with our business future strategy
  • ease of integration with other software
  • increased or better infrastructure, compliance, and security.
  • UI experience
  • familiar navigation and language.

We are a larger Aerospace company and choose Epicor hosted Gov Saas.

  • reduced IT maintenance and management costs
  • forced keep up to date to software release
  • better user experience for remote workers
  • scalability
  • total cost of ownership is lower.
  • security and compliance to CMMC standards easier to achieve.


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