Why would you uncheck "Update PO Release Schedule" on a Purchase Kanban type?

Can anyone give me a business case where un-checking “Update PO Release Schedule” would make sense? @timshuwy … any ideas? Giving a quick demo on Kanban functionality to some colleagues and I just wondered about why it would allow you to de-select this option and how it would make sense for a business.



i really cannot think of a business case where you would not want to update the PO Releases, but the feature was probably added at the request of customers who didn’t wan’t / need the feature. FYI, there are many “features” that are added which some might ask “why is this a feature” and “Why wouldn’t everyone want that”… one of those (as an example) is the “Allow Consumption of Minimum” feature. I ALWAYS say that this should be turned on… Prior to about 2010, we didn’t have the checkbox as an option, and the system NEVER allowed consumption of minimum stock. This was causing problems for our distributor customers AND Manufacturing customers. In my personal opinion, it should not be an option… it should always be true, but in order to keep the software working for those already on the software, we made the “new feature” a checkbox that someone must choose.

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Thanks for the reply @timshuwy, makes sense.