WiFi button integration

So I saw an picture / example of a customer using a WiFi button (like the Amazon dash button) to be able to reorder stuff in a bin. I would like to use it to reorder labels since they are low value and non quantity bearing. Has anyone integrated one of these to use with Epicor? Or I guess even outside of epicor, but I was thinking that this could write to a UD table to display to the purchaser when stuff needs to be reordered. I haven’t has a chance to Google anything yet, I will do that after insights probably. Anyone have any experience with this?

I have played around with this and do have something working with an arduino where they press a button and it transmits data to a program on the epicor server and performs a task, but its highly configured to one task, but in theory it can be used to do what you are asking.

Do you generally have to write a custom program to pick up the signals? Or are there a lot of “head start” programs out there? ( I should probably just Google some more stuff before I get too far into this)

I mean t here are plenty of APIs/Interfaces/Code examples that let you take a simple hardware button and have it do something. Ours just uses wifi to call out a localized API we have here and it performs then the actions we need. You can basically program it to do anything.