Windows 2016 to 2019

Hello, been looking at all the posts about upgrading.

We’d like to take our 10.2.500.30 installation on Windows 2016 to a Windows 2019, using an in-place upgrade. We don’t have anything special on the app server (we only use Financials), and I do have a testing environment to kick the tires before doing so in production. Also, virtualized so snapshot/restore is possible. The SQL VM is separate and fine - don’t need to touch it.

Has anyone had experience doing an in-place upgrade as described?

Thanks all,

Just got a note back from support that they don’t “support” this process (not sure what that means) but they didn’t say it wouldn’t work. I guess there’s nothing like actually trying it out.

@jreynolds If you are virtual why do you want to do an in place upgrade? I just did 7 2019 servers in the last two weeks for going from 10.2.500 to 10.2.700 dev/test/prod and 11. I used the same 2019 template for them all.

There’s a good deal of setup and configuration which goes into bringing up an app server for us, so I thought that keeping the app server as/is and doing the Windows in-place upgrade would be the by far easiest route.