Windows 7 and Vantage 6.1 client install

I am having trouble installing Vantage 6.1 client on a Windows 7 Pro 32-bit laptop. I am setting up a new laptop for a user.

During install when it prompts you for the location of your Vantage Server directory, you usually put in your mapped drive. My mapped drives did not show up. So I ended up putting in the UNC path. It worked and I did the same when it asked for the Progress Directory.

Then during the Progress Client install, you get the message that Microsoft Java VM is not compatible. I read the solution and installed Sun Microsystem JVM. Finished installation. Rebooted.

I start up the Vantage 6 client I got all of kinds of errors about .ocx was moved type messages.

I tried a couple more times got the same errors. I checked the security for c:\epicor folder on the laptop. Security was correct. Reboot again. I got different error messages that had to do with screen/resolution or size parameter.

So I went ahead and continued loading other applications on the laptop and thought I will come back to it later for further investigation.

When I did the darn thing came right up and let me log right in. These kinds of things just drive me crazy. No wander you hear of a computer tech smashing a computer once in a while. Did anybody else have trouble like this?

Randy Duly