Windows Server 2016 user interface

As president of the “Who moved my cheese?” club, I’d like to know if its possible to change the look of Windows Server 2016’s UI?

Ideally it would look like Win7. But baring using a shell program, I’d like to at least be able to set boarders on the windows, and/or make them wider.

Move to the command line and never worry about the cheesy UI again. Helps with automation tasks too. I mean, since you have to find new cheese anyway… :wink:

Do you not get the point of “Who moved my cheese?” I don’t want to know where it was moved to, or how to get there … :wink:

(and to be honest, I may be running a Windows XP theme on my Win 7 machines)

Oh, I do! I’m just saying that the cheese gets moved a lot less on the command line. Even if your servers move (maybe to a cloud someday), your command line :cheese: won’t. See, I’m looking out for you! :laughing:


What’s different? Does it look like Win 10?

Yes. Win10 Desktop and window styles.

And the Search bar is ungodly slow to respond.