WIP Report - reporting old jobs already

Yes, the job is closed.  A work a around has been to re-open and close the job.   

We have several jobs that have the "WIP Cleared" checked, but still shows up on the WIP report. 

Is a warehouse used different from the one in the job?
Looks like they are using the same warehouse. 
But is the job closed?

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We have several jobs that have the "WIP Cleared" checked, but still shows up on the WIP report.

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We are on 9.05.701.  We found something similar, don't know if it's the same cause.  We found this most happens with open jobs converted with an upgrade, we also have found this with service jobs, we have also found this with jobs with no material costs, all three situations it occurs.


When presented to Epicor, take a guess...They can't replicate it so they don't know the cause.  Their answer was to open the job, do a job adjust to material add a penny, do another job adjust subtract a penny.  It did work, therefore Epicor considers the issue closed since there is a work around.


I won't get started on Epicor thinking manual, tedious work arounds, taking up tons of time is a valid answer.  But that's the way they operate now.  I suppose if you want to keep things tidy in your WIP, you have to manually handle jobs too.  So try that on one job, see if it works.


Again, I hate the answer, but it's currently the only solution if it works for you.



Chris Berger

Dorner Mfg. Corp.