WIP Report

The stock WIP report in Vista 8.03 sometimes shows closed jobs. It doesn’t show all closed jobs but always shows at least some closed jobs. Any idea why that could be and how to fix it?

What is the “WIP Cleared Status” selection set to?

And is there anything in the “W.I.P.” row for said jobs?


I don’t see WIP Cleared Status? Where is that at?

The W.I.P. row shows zeroes for the closed jobs that are still showing on the report.

It’s been a while Since I was on V8, so I was guessing that the WIP Report window looked similar to that of E10’s.

Can you post a screen shot of the WIP Report window? With the window in focus, press ALT+PrtScn. Then in a post here, hit CTRL+V to paste it

Okay, that’s a lot “plainer” than what E10 offers:

Other than appearing on the report, is there anything in those closed jobs that stands out?

Also, if you go to the Filter tab, can you search on by Job, and use that Job Search to filter out the Jobs to include?


Yeah we can use the Job Filter but we typically like to run it by the part number filter too. So we’d have to search and select all open jobs and add to the filter then do the part number filter as well.

It would be nice to just have a checkbox for “Show Open Jobs only”

The WIP report runs for all jobs that don’t have the WIP cleared flag set. WIP cleared is set after the capture process is run on a closed job. The reason closed jobs are included in the WIP report is they can still have costs in WIP until the capture process is run.

Where does the WIP Cleared Flag get set? Is that on the financial side?

When “Capture COS/WIP Activity” is run.

As I recall, in V8, outdated transactions need to be fixed in order to capture them (and set the WIP Cleared flag)

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