WIP transactions requiring a Warehouse and Bin in 5.1?

Has anyone worked on this issue yet? This is my call to support. Anyone
else see a problem with WIP transactions asking for a Warehouse and Bin?
Maybe I am missing something.

IT Manager
Vantage 5.10.113 SQL Server

Detailed Summary
Why are From/To Warehouses and Bins required in the transactions under
Issues/Returns and Receipts from Manufacturing. Version 5.10.113.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Inventory Management > Issues/Returns. In the transactions for Issue
To and Return From, both Material and Assemblies. Why are From and To
Warehouse and Bin combinations required in all these transactions?

2. Same in Receipts from Mfg, When moving from Job to job for instance.
Here, you are moving WIP. Why is warehouse and bin information required to
move these items?

3. And you also run into this if Advanced Material Management is loaded,
under the Material Tab,
if you Move WIP, Move Material, Adjust WIP, Adjust Material. Similar to
the transactions above, you are moving WIP, which is on jobs and is not
stored in warehouses. So why are Warehouses and bins required for all these


"Does the database have an Advanced Material Management license? If so, all
parts are tracked to a location even if they are in WIP."
NOTE: This is a new feature with the AMM module loaded. For now, these
transactions are not reflected in any report in the software. But they are
stored in the new PARTWIP table. A Report Builder or Export Utility report
should be able to extract them from this table.