We want to use “make to order”. However, the products stay in WIP. Those finished products will not show in the stock status reports. Also, we use inventory as collateral for borrowing. Thus, the WIP finished products won’t show. Does anyone have a workaround for this?

If you use backflush (or wait until the job is almost finished before doing a mass issue), the parts would still appear to be in inventory.

And I don’t know if WIP (that is done being processed) or Finished Goods really have value equivalent to the sum of their parts. 5000 FT of cable in stock has value. Having 100 pieces each 50 FT long doesn’t have the same value.

Use a separate WIP bin for the FG and you can then build a FG report dashboard for them.


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You could make a report that shows the Qty Produced - Qty Shipped for each job that is make to order.

You could do similar for Make to Stock jobs, with Qty Produced - Qty Received.