Wondering if this method of upgrade is a bad idea

So I am working through upgrading our Vantage system to E10 and in doing so we have 4 companies, and want to merge 2 into one and make it a multi-site. Obviously to me the best path is to merge through the upgrade, but I have a bit of a time constraint and honestly I feel like my hands are constantly tied by not having the functionality I took for granted in 10 (previous job).

So I guess I am wondering if it is stupid to consider this alternate route, Upgrade companies to 10 - cleaning them up by only bringing active parts, customers, vendors, jobs, etc. and then post upgrade working through merging the 2 sites as part of our process improvement stage.

Just thinking out loud to see if maybe I am walking down a dangerous path.

When you say “only bringing active parts etc” this leads me to believe you are not upgrading but re-implementing the software. (Even if no processes are changing)

That is you are leaving your old DB behind starting with a new empty DB and back filling using DMT?

If that’s the case then your approach would be fine, just bring them all up and then you can add the new site to your company and then just disable turn off the old company in the Db.

That should be fine.
On the other hand if you are doing a regular upgrade then you can’t just bring up active parts etc it’s an all or nothing operation.

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Sorry, you are right that distinction should be made, the intent is to re-implement using DMT.

This was my thoughts, with a limited timeline and minimal resources, I feel like the faster I can get to 10 and actually use those tools the better.

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