Work one operation on two machines

Good afternoon,
How would you go about documenting time for a user that works on one job, one operation, but completes the work using two machines? I think we can ignore the fact that he is using two machines, and just document the time he spent to make (probably twice as many) parts.

Just curious how other folks handle this kind of work.

If you ignore the fact they are using 2 machines, you might lose visibility on the resources’ actual burden hours which would impact the job cost. We have employees clock into 2 jobs at the same time if they are running 2 machines. The system will divide the employee’s labor hours evenly across the jobs, and the burden hours will be fully realized on both jobs for those resources (unless the resource is set to burden = labor).

So what if the employee is working two machines for the same job and same op? I guess not all employees can run this job on two machines. But for those who can, it doubles the output. I think they do want to know the actual earned hours and burden. Our resources are, in fact, set to burden = labor.

Gotcha, I’m not sure of a way to do that unfortunately. Maybe something like concurrent capacity might work, but I think it would be challenging since you say not all employees will do it this way. I think 2 jobs is going to be the easiest way to handle it. Maybe some sort of job splitting functionality for these super employees.

Also, you may want to reconsider having that resource set to burden=labor if they ever do start clocking into multiple jobs.

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