Work Queue, Current Work and Purchased Materials


I’m trying to get our work queue straightened out for the shop floor. Is there a way to keep a job from showing up inside the current work tab on the work queue screen if purchased materials haven’t been received yet?

It appears that it only looks at previous operations and ignores purchased materials.

Example: The laser table operation has cut the brake pads, then marked as complete, but the purchased axles have not been received for the next operation; Weld. Since the laser table operation is marked as complete the job is pushed into the welders current work tab even though we don’t have the axles yet for this operation.

The only way I can think of resolving this issue is adding a receiving operation for purchased materials but I wouldn’t think this is necessary since we have to receive it with receipt entry anyway.

I also noticed that inside time phase that Epicor is creating Expedited PO suggestions and if we remove those that some jobs get pushed back into the expected work queue. How can I tell Epicor to never create expedited PO suggestions? Is this possible and could this resolve my issue instead of making a new operation for receiving?

@CasterConcepts did you find a solution to this?

I have not, sorry.