Workstation Clients not finding sysconfig files

Over the weekend our outside IT consultant was doing routine maintenance and decided to help clean up space on our virtual server that houses Epicor. He archived all the files for 10.2.500 and 10.2.600 not realizing that we were using 10.2.600. This morning we couldn’t log in to Epicor at all; that’s when we found out that he had archived the files. He has restored them but none of the clients can open Epicor and even when I try to re-install I’m still getting the same error message of not finding config files. I’m at a complete loss and the whole place is shut down and we have no access to anything except on the server directly and of course everyone can’t access that… so…we’re in a real jam. I opened an urgent trouble ticket with Epicare @ 9:56 a.m. I’ve been given one link to another case to copy some files from the “working client” which I tried and it didn’t work. So now I’m waiting and wondering at what point someone’s head will explode from not being able to DO anything… Has anyone run into this sort of thing before?

Well that required a re-install of 10.2.600 and a redeployment. But that seems to have solved the problem. I’m not sure what happened when the application came back from ‘archives’ but it seems to have been missing something …kind of like Pet Semetary…

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My guess is the share/ntfs permissions got clobbered on the archive/restore. Glad the redeployment worked.

Would that have given us the error saying that the sysconfig files were missing? I do have our consultant’s promise that he will never ever EVER touch Epicor again… :slight_smile: