Wrong material issued with a different UOM

One of our employees selected a part to issue in a job, changed the “From” part number manually, and issued the quantity of the part he inputted.

I cannot return the material. The UOM of the part he actually issued is different from the part he intended to issue. What should have been issued in pieces (EACH) was issued by the selected part UOM of inches. In “Return Material” if I select the part, it shows 1089 issued of 20 required, it does show the former amount as EA. But when I select the part that was issued to try and return it to that part the UOM defaults to inches and EA is not available.

I thought I read that Epicor would allow a different part number to be issued but it had to be the same UOM.
Now I am trying to find a way to return the quantity so we can issue the correct part with the correct quantity.

I think we DMR them off of the job and then accept back to stock.

I have a bpm that will not allow them to change the part or the uom.

I read another post that had a similar incident that suggested a BPM to stop an employee from selecting a different part number than what is assigned to the job. He didn’t change the UOM. Issue material accepted the part into a part with a different UOM but the material transaction shows it registered as the UOM of the part he chose.