Wrong Part Number

Wrong Part has been chosen in PO. Unfortunately, the transaction has been receipted and inspected. May I know what can I do now?

Please advice.Thank you

you can quantity adjust out the wrong part and quantity and cost adjust in the right part number. depending on your costing method you will have to adjust the cost of the wrong part also.

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Other than what Matt said, you can nonconform the wrong part number and DMR it to return it to the supplier requiring a debit memo, fix the PO by adding a line with the right part number, receive it back in as the correct part number and apply the Debit memo to the first receipt.


This shows a better trail and subsequent reports (purchase history, etc) will be correct.

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Absolutely! It’s way it is meant to happen in Epicor. The other way is a quick and dirty way which lacks the paper trail but sometimes is the way companies chose to handle the issue.

If you are lot tracking or want to see the paper trail for accounting and quality purposes, then you need to do the nonconformance/DMR route.


The OP left out some info that would greatly affect the decision making. Like :

  • What was wrong about the “wrong part”
  • If he expects to return the parts to the supplier
  • Was it bought to stock, job, order, or other

If you stock parts SC-001 and SC-002, and meant to buy SC-002, but placed a PO for SC-001. Then all you’ve done is unnecessarily purchase SC-001.

  • If the vendor won’t take them back, then do nothing.
  • If they will, do a Qty-ADJ, return them, enter an AP credit, and a JE to offset the adjustment with the AP credit.

If you ordered SC-002 but they sent SC-001, then you have bigger issues with the fact that the inspection process passed them. :slight_smile:

If the were Buy To Job, and you accidentally ordered SC-001 instead of SC-002, I’d wonder why the Job called for the wrong ones.

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many times it is very difficult to undo history… it happened… deleting history is a bad idea. The best option is to move forward and finish the set of transactions that account for what you actually do:

  1. You created a PO for a part (the wrong one).
  2. the supplier sent you a part (right or wrong… doesnt really matter).
  3. you received the PO for the part the wrong one).
  • AT THIS POINT, you need “reverse” the transaction, but NOT by deleting:
  1. Reject and return and Debit the supplier (if the supplier actually sent you the ‘Right’ part ie… the part you wanted, this is a paper only transaction).
  2. create a new PO for the correct part number
  3. receive the new po
    Now inventory is correct, history reflects what actually happened.

And whatever process you come up with, make that policy for how to do it. It’s often better to do something consistently - even if its not the best way - than it is to do it which ever way the mood strikes you.

And whenever we do “corrections”, we’ll often pick a Saturday date, that way the transactions stick out, so when someone reviews it, it will be “oh yeah … that was to fix that PO issue”

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