XaSyst.DefaultUM Changing after the fact - any impact

Anyone have any experience with changing the system default UOM after the fact and if there is any impact? I see the default gets populated when you add new lines like Orders and Invoices etc.


I think that the default is used for new parts and new POs as well. I dont know if there would be any ramifications to changing it, but I cannot imaging that there would be (and if there are, why?)… Why do you need to change it? What is it doing to you that you dont like?

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Thanks for your reply @timshuwy.

There is a value that is there that remains after we changed our inventory model from multiple UOM per part to one part per defined length effectively moving to selling in EA and the default is set to 0.3, which doesn’t even exist as a UOM now.

Our system default is UOM Class is Length, but it really should be Count Now, something that we…er I overlooked.

Tim, how is this value set?

It’s set at UOM Class where you choose whether that class is the system default and then whatever UOM in that class is the default UOM is then set as XaSyst.Default UM.

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