Yahoo! Groups

Hi Steve
I am back from vacation and just about caught up. How do I get reinstated
on the one list or egroup.


Marc L. Durre
Durre Bros. Welding & Machine Shop, Inc
Ph: 309-432-2512
We've known it was coming for a while, but they caught me off guard when
they made the transition!

-- eGroups is now officially Yahoo! Groups --

What does this mean to us as Vantage group members?

Not much -- until you use their web site.

You will still receive email from the group as usual. Its was
changed as of last Friday and you've still been getting posts from
the group, right?
For now, at least, you can still send mail to
and it will go out to everyone on the list.
For future reference though, you should probably start addressing
mail to

So what's different about the web site?

In order to access the web site, you will need to create a Yahoo! ID.
This is similar to what Microsoft has done with MSN and other
Microsoft sites. You only need to create one Yahoo! ID and then
you can link as many different groups and email addresses as you

How do I create a Yahoo! ID?

If you point your web browser to the page now
shows a Yahoo! Groups banner. This page tells you what changes
have been made with the merger of Yahoo! and eGroups. Click on
the link that says "Thanks, I've read this. Take me to the Yahoo!
Groups home page." Its near the top of the page in the center.

Now you should be a the page. On the left-
hand side is a gray banner that says Sign In. Underneath that
is a link for New Users (IGNORE THIS) and a link for eGroups
users to link their accounts. Click on this link.

You will be asked to give your email address and your eGroups
password. Then you will be asked to create a Yahoo! ID (you
can choose whatever you want - they will tell you if someone
else already owns that ID). They ask a couple of questions
about your demographics; some items are required to be
filled in - others are not. Either way, you can change your
profile to be private, in which case nobody else can see your
responses; not even group moderators!

After that, it should be life as usual for the list. There are a few
cosmetic changes, but nearly all the features of eGroups will be
available in Yahoo! Groups.

Steve Sanders
Vantage Group Moderator