ZDataTable Calls in ERP 10.1.500.19 causing performance issues?

We have had issues with performance after upgrading from 10.0.700.4 to 10.1.500.15. After a visit to Insights, we were told by Nathan Anderson and company that the Entity Framework issue was the cause of our performance issues and that upgrading to the latest patch (.19 at the time) would resolve the issue. We have since upgrade to 10.1.500.19 but with little to no performance increases.
The anomaly that we have found in both local client trace logs and server trace logs is that the ZDataTable object is called the most on any log. In our Test Environment, we do not see this object call. To test the variance, we created a Sales Order with 21 line items paste inserted into Test and Prod. In Test, the trace file is 90mb for this transaction and takes about 1 minute to enter the 21 line items. In Prod, the trace file is 630mb for this transaction and takes about 3 minutes to enter the 21 lines. Below is a screenshot from the PDT with the results of the Client Trace Log.
Any suggestions on how to turn this off in our Production Environment? Has anybody else seen this? We have been getting hammered by the users since the upgrade (May 1st). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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The underlying issue of the zdatatable calls is addressed in 10.1.500.21+ and all 10.1.600 releases. I’ll call you this afternoon to apply the workaround to verify it is that issue.

Great! Do you need my direct number?

Our epiccare system has your number listed so I’ll will call you shortly.

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Does this workaround also apply to the Epicor Social behavior that also has the innumerable zDatatable call behavior.

It absolutely does. Patch .21 is supposed to fix it if you use Epicor Social. We depreciated Social back in 10.0 but had the fields in Company Maintenance for the ESE Server and Notification ID set. Once those were removed the fields (updated ice.syscompany) and app pools recycle, from there we were off to the races. I had users call me asking what we did to make it run so fast.

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Thank you - Can we get the details of the workaround for use until we can update to the .21 patch?