Add additional menu for Handheld Material Handling

Hello guys,

I’m working on E10.2.200 version, and I need to add a new menu for Material Handling in handheld application. I researched in the forum and found some information but read that there have been some changes for 10.2.200 version. Has someone done this under a different menu than the main one and with the latest E10 version?



Yes, we’ve done it, it’s somewhere here on the forum


Thank you @Chris_Conn, I found the solution with this code:

private void HHMenuForm_Load(object sender, EventArgs args)
var view = oTrans.Factory(“MESMenu”);
var menuItem = view.dataView.AddNew();
menuItem[“MESMenuID”] = 555;
menuItem[“Hidden”] = false;
menuItem[“CurrentEmpAllowed”] = true;
menuItem[“MenuType”] = “H”;
menuItem[“ParentMESMenuID”] = 4;
menuItem[“MenuID”] = “HHPICK”;
menuItem[“TranslateMenuDesc”] = “Picking Queue”;
menuItem[“Company”] = ((Ice.Core.Session)oTrans.Session).CompanyID;

var menuCall = HHMenuForm.GetType().GetMethod("showMenu", BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.NonPublic, null, CallingConventions.Any, new Type[]{typeof(int)}, null);
menuCall.Invoke(HHMenuForm, new Object[]{1});



Interested in this post…

I had menu items on 10.1.600 under each relevant menu, but when upgrading to 10.2.300 had to put a new “Custom Items” menu at the bottom of the main menu and then put my items there.

You used the above code to be able to put items into the existing structure? How do you trace what the ID of the existing menus are?

SQL query on MesMenu table

How did I miss that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

So instead of doing reflection and things on form loading, would it work to just insert entries into that table (using a UBAQ, and not SQL of course…!)

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Yes as long as it is done right yes