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EpiUsers the Podcast

Taking our community forum into a new form! We wanted to be able to do more presentation and interview style content and thought, Hey! what if we jumped on the Podcast bandwagon!? Watch or Listen for interviews with Epicor Employees, Vendors, SMEs, and Customers. Friendly chats with our community about ERP, Enterprise, Epicor, the Web, Security, Cloud, Manufacturing more!

Kinetic 202X

Use this category for all topics specific to Kinetic ERP 11

ERP 10

Use this category for all topics specific to Epicor version E10.


Use this category for all topics specific to Epicor version E9.

Vista/Vantage 8

Use this category to for topics related to Epicor versions Vantage 8 and older as well as Vista.

Prophet 21

Use this category for all topics specific to Epicor Prophet 21


Previously DocStar, this category is to provide a place specifical for ECM discussions. It is a large product that lives outside the changes of other Epicor product lines.

Epicor HCM

Use this category to ask questions related specifically to the Epicor HCM Product.

Feature Requests and Suggestions

This category is deprecated and should not be used in favor of Epicor is now tracking ideas in place of, as we’ve known them, enhancement requests. If you need assistance getting into the Ideas portal please contact support. You may also view this post for more details Epicor Ideas - Post and Vote for your favorite new feature!

Off Topic

Use this category for posting topics not specifically related to Epicor. Post any of your questions or discussions here about manufacturing best practices, to your favorite football team.


Information regarding Site use and Frequently asked questions can be found here. This category is read only.

Site Feedback

This category is for questions, direct feedback regarding this forum and for general discusions regarding forum use.

Experts' Corner

Interesting and Insightful posts from awesome people that want to share their knowledge

Yahoo Archive

The Yahoo Archive category is a read only category. All previous posts from the old Epicor Vantage Yahoo group have been placed here for reference as of 09/10/2016.