Anyone having trouble with EMWW Today?

I just confirmed we didn’t even deploy Chrome as an App since these are managed via MDM and we do NOT want our Warehouse Employees browsing the web we didn’t deploy Chrome at all

So that 79.x version is what comes with the OS… hence the disaster.


I am confused… how does the android’s version of Chrome browser affect the EKW app? Is this something we need to be keeping an eye on / actively doing maintenance?

Yes it seems that way. the EMWW App is a wrapper around a web app. And it seems that they use browser specific features that aren’t available in older browser versions.


So did you have to update the OS to get this chrome update out or did you have to load chrome on the device?

I deployed the latest version of Chrome via MDM.


And could you lock it down like you wanted to or now do they get to use chrome? I’m pretty sure you can update chrome via admin profile, put in kiosk mode it would just not allow them to use it.

In other words, you update it on the admin profile right? Then just don’t make the chrome app available in kiosk?

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I think most of us are in this boat. Sorry for the pain/suffering, but valuable piece of information.