BPM to Update UD fields - Need help with Custom Code

I appreciate any help. I have worked on this BPM trying several different ways by examples I have found on the help and in Epicor guides. I am still not clear on C# code. It has been years since I have programmed in it. If I get one down, I think I will be good.

My BPM (Method Directive) uses the EngWorkbench Update object. When a row is approved, I want to get the Part UD record for the same part number and update two Part UD fields I have in the table: DrawNum_c and RevNum_c.

I have tested the BPM method and can see it is displaying a message box with the correct part information after I approve the revision from the Engineering Workbench. I want to add the next step to execute the Custom code to update my UD fields.

Does anyone have some sample code or a good outline I could follow for the custom code to call the Part UD table and set the Part UD fields I created?

Let me know if you need any more info. I really appreciate all help & advice!!

Thanks so much!


Here is some sample code that shows a Linq query to the Part table


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Thank you for the info. I especially found the converted programming guide link and conversion code app helpful. I have programmed in Progress for over 15 years so it is sort of tough getting use to thinking in another language. Once I get the lingo, I will be fine.

Thanks again,