Consolidate Purchasing Error

ahhhhh rcvdtl table now site issue has gone

RcvDtl is validating that an RcvHead record exists with the same Company/VendorNum/PurPoint/PackSlip, if it doesn’t you get this error.

Not sure which fields are not matching.

Issue we have I think is for example

Company the Parent is ELST01 and the Child is ELST02 which is different and the VendorNum the supplier has been linked but I think the vendorNum is different in both companies

If RcvHead was processed then RcvHead.VendorNum exists in ELST01, so it should be the same on RcvDtl and it should work, maybe the PurPoint is what is different.

what is a pur point sorry I sound dumb should I compare PurPoint on POheader in both companies ?


Its short for Purchase Point, so the RcvHead and RcvDtl records must have the same values in Company/VendorNum/PurPoint/PackSlip.

When trying to move the RcvDtl into ELST01 it is trying to find a matching RcvHead and it can’t.

Looks like you have access to the database, the Intercompany Queues are in tables Ice.IntQueOut and Ice.IntQueIn, the data that is being moved between companies would be in the IM tables. So data that is already visible in one company would be in a table like Erp.RcvHead, but if it is moving between companies you would need to check table IM.IMRcvHead, this applies to all records being transferred by MultiCompany.

where should I check if my PO’s arent going into outbound queue and in to poland ?

For outbound check Ice.IntQueOut