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I have a report that I need to add shipping and invoice numbers into. Where do I add shiphead and invhead? In a new or modified data definition?

Thank you in advance!

If it is a BAQ Report, you need to edit the BAQ that report uses.

If it is a built-in report, or most likely uses an RDD (Report Data Definition). An RDD creates the dataset for the report (like a BAQ) but you don’t have access to the internal workings. You can add tables to an RDD, and then update the report to use the newly added fields.

Find the report in Report Style Maintenance in the Style info there will be a field that indicates the BAQ or RDD.


if you use Open With on the Data Definition and it comes up “blank” (no tables or anything in the tree), its a BAQ report, and you need to copy that Dat Def field and open it in BAQ designer.

If it is an RDD you see something like the following:

I was already on 1/2 way there! Do you know where the tracking number is? or what it is called.

Looks like a case for

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Wow Thanks… ok I have duplicated and added the shiphead table. Updated the Data definition. Opened my report, however I am not seeing the shphead table? What am I missing?

You need to add the fields to the report and the Reports Data Query.

Also make sure the Report style is now using the new RDD you created (unless you just updated and already existing custom one)

I think have to create a relationship? Set it up so far as InvcHead parent, ShipHead child. anything else? company to company relationship

You need to make relationships between the added tables and ones that were already in the RDD.

What report are you trying to update

Trying to add the tracking number to the invoice?

You shouldn’t need to add the InvcHead table as that’s already in the RDD. Just add the ShipHead, and make a relationship between the ShipHead.PackNum and the InvcDtl,PackNum.


(make sure PackNum and Company are NOT excluded)

So I added this, all is correct there. I do not see my shiphead in my report yet. I have however learned about the fx - where I have copied this into notepad for easier viewing - I do not see the shiphead table mentioned in this at all? I all see all the fields, but hesitant to add Tracknumber in if it doesn’t exist? If you could assist in this last piece I will be moving on. Thank you so much for your assistance, it is appreciated.

Adding the ShipHead table to the RDD will now make its fields (the ones not marked ‘excluded’) available to the dataset.

Now you must edit the report’s data query to include the newly added fields.

  1. Add a Table Field to the RDL
  2. Add a Field Placeholder to the RDL

Search the Epicor help for “Developing a Modified Version of an Epicor Shipped SSRS Report” as an exmaple of all the steps to modify a built-in SSRD report