I seem to have an issue with loading BOOs How do you mass check out all the part rev to then attach the BOO’s

I though it could be done all at one time with the Bill of operations template but that does not seem to be the case

How has everyone added in the BOO’s for a Production Live Data Load

I tested one part by checking it out and them my DMT template add in the Boo perfect


DMT does the checking out/in on it’s own, so you don’t have to worry about it, you just need a valid ECO group for it to use.

Can you explain more why/how one worked, but a list of them did not? You’ll probably have to step through your process for anyone to be able to tell you what is going wrong.

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Hi Brandon

The one that worked was the one that I manually checked out first then I ran the Boo in
Question should all the initial Revs be in unapproved status, maybe that was the issue?

My Group exist and is valid

no, I make changes all of the time on approved revisions. There are some bugs right now going on with DMT. Check through this thread and see if your problems are like the ones listed here.

I have done a playlist with three imports.
First create the part revisions (not approved)
Second, import the BOOs
Third, Import the BOMs

Brandon is right - you can have many revisions changed at a time. Just remember to check the Engineering workbench when you are done - errors that occur may leave some revisions stranded.

If need be, you can delete the part revision (which will delete the BOO and BOM) to start over.

Yes I have had to switch versions a few times. It would help if Epicor had a list instead of us wasting time only to find out we have to switch DMT Version