E10 DB Upgraded to newer version (Find out who did it)

Earlier today someone right clicked on the database in EAC and decided to upgrade it form 10.2.600.6 to 10.2.600.33. Is that action logged anywhere so I can determine at what time today that this action was taken?

When you upgrade one of the Steps it will usually do is a DB Regen, find a Regen log in one of the C:\ProgramData Epicor folders or the %TEMP%\Epicor folder, which may be specific to a user so you will need to iterate through C:\Users

I guess you could also look in Windows Event Viewer see if you can find last login dates.

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Interesting…there are 2 users that have access (other than myself) and one of them has no recent files in AppData\Local, which is expected since they rarely have a reason to log in.

The other user has no files in AppData\Local…

Anyone able to guess what my current thoughts are? :grin:

I believe the db conversions would be listed in the system monitor