Email to user upon PO approval/reject

How could I, with a BPM, or otherwise, notify my PO entry users that their POs have been approved or rejected and the given reason?

Design a workflow in Data Directive(BPM) to achieve this.

Does anyone have examples on this? I’m not sure what field I base the directive off of.

Take a look at the POApvMsg table.

Can you confirm which version you are using I have bpm for this which i can share with you.

We’re cloud, so it would be 10.2.200 I believe

PO Approval V01.bpm (19.9 KB)

did you is the is POApvMsg?


I get this error when trying to import…

Description: The package selected for import uses restricted BPM functionality. Importing of this package is only allowed to users with BPM Advanced privileges.

checked BPM advanced user in User Maintenance

Ah… I’m a MT Cloud user. I don’t have that :frowning:

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  1. Go to System Management > Business Process Management > Data Directives Maintenance

  2. Click New Standard Directive > Select table POApvMsg

  3. Enter Directive Name, Group and define Scope.

  4. Click Design and Insert Workflow component Condition and Execute Custom Code.

  5. Select Condition and add below lines

  6. Select Custom Code and Click code

  7. Paste below code
    po approval.txt (4.0 KB)

  8. Link Component Start > Condition (True) > Custom Code

Note : - make sure your smtp server details correctly entered and working


Very kind of you to add screenshots like this. Easy to follow. Thank you, Surendrapal.

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