ERP 11 Has been Officially Announced!

Just started at a new company, they are doing a Salesforce integration- hooray!

Wait! We’re cloud and V11 is coming!

They are not going to stop this integration, regardless… So… Where’s the “this is how screwed you are” documentation???

Are there SF Epicor bridge geeks?

Thanks all, Y’all rock!

@Mike I seem to have gotten that most of this year - frustrating.

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You are lucky to be getting answers, I have a few problems from 2018/19 that are still resolution TBD

Wait for 11.1 @asalvatore :thinking:

What issues I am curious


  1. A planning workbench bug - no check is done if the job number already exists when multiple jobs are submitted. Planning workbench will suggest a job to be created with the same order-line-rel number if the demand link is deleted. If a user tries to do this locally it’ll crash their client, if they submit to the server process it wreaks havoc on the database server. The jobs submitted to the process get stuck, and manual updating via SQL required to fix it. Submitted originally on 10.2.100, just yesterday got an update on the expected fix… 11.1.200.

  2. Documentation states that configurator can create create a part record from the purchase order context - the checkbox in configurator entry is disabled though. Submitted on 10.2.200, only now finally got a problem for it. Date TBD. I tested too by manually enabling it via SQL on a test server and most of the functionality seems to work. Yet support says the documentation is in error and the feature was never supposed to be included. If the docs were in error they never removed it when I reported it on 10.2.200 because it’s still in the 10.2.700 techref last I checked.

  3. Issue with receive time not displaying (or being calculated) on certain configured jobs, submitted in 2018 as well. Two PRB’s created against it. One that’s been sitting since 2018 with nothing done, another that got accepted the got rejected a couple days after getting accepted. So I’m still not sure what’s going on with it

  4. I didn’t originally report this one, but the configurator code editor hanging when the “.” is typed. On my larger configurations it will hang for up to 3min, though intermittently. This is seriously annoying. It was originally reported in 2019, a PRB is in - no fix.

I have not been having a great experience with support at all.


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Heh… we started getting that even before the announcement of 11.

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They’ve revamped some areas, but the issue for me is the disconnect between support and development. I have had a case open since August with no PRB number assigned (I’ve been assured it’s coming). Support wants to close the ticket without a resolution, so I’m stuck opening a weekly case to get a datafix. I’ve found when support can help, they do so. If they have to involve any other area of Epicor then things stop.


Communication is also a huge issue. ERPS get cancelled after support has closed the case (they are quick to do so without resolution) and I’m never notified.

My PRB flips from accepted to rejected, and though I do get an email. The link to find out my information is broken and I’m greeted with “Record not found”. My PRB is gone from the My Problems section too, and I need to open another case to find out what happened - which of course usually requires much back and forth.


This is an issue with the way they implement “intellisense.” The dll’s need to be downloaded from the server where they do reflection to get the signatures, and finally parse for the object the user started. I did code in VSCode and pasted it in and that doesn’t happen. If you’re in the cloud, wow, it’s a long wait.

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I was just told that this would be fixed in E11…

Aside, does anybody have configurator documentation for E11? I’m told they are changed significantly. We utilize configurations heavily. I’d love to see what’s upcoming so I can best prepare - and hopefully not have to rewrite completely.

This was a phase 2 item for us, and we’re getting close. I’m also interested in the changes.

I’ve asked for them and will update if I get anything!

We live and die on the Configurator. I’ve gotten a little bit of inside info on this and without any specifics I was told that initially the current config will work, but to expect a respectable effort going forward as Epicor alters the way the CFG works in the new framework. No documentation yet as the changes are not implemented in the initial 11 release.

With what I know, we’re skipping 11 until the changes to the CFG are announced. No sense doing things twice (or at least 1.5 times) :slight_smile:


I dont think any Customer has really seen Epicor Roadmap. I think the future is bright however, please consider this.

Let’s say you are a Customer who bought Epicor because of its WinForms Client, and you dont care being called “old fart”. If you wanted web-based, you would have chosen another ERP System that was already web-based, but your purchasing decision for Epicor was solely that its on the “Classic Stack”.

Now 5 years after implementation, you decide you dont like this roadmap, you have implemented for nothing and need to start over.

I think the future is bright, but putting my self in those shoes, of companies who don’t mind being oldies, its a fair question.

Had Epicor clearly revealed its intention, and been transparent - businesses could have made their true final decisions and yes that may mean Epicor doesn’t win a 10 million dollar contract. But honesty and transparency wins.

Customers should be your Partner, not your Enemy – there should be a Roadmap published and clearly visible with the words "Dont Like It? Find another ERP. " :slight_smile:

I know Customers who are starting implementing EWA and customizing it (TODAY) and training their users, because the sunetting of EWA was never told to “Customers”. Rumor has it that Partners knew this for quite a long time.

Some started with Tie Kinetix only to be surprised by EDI One acquisition.

Some built an Empire of Workflows in Service-Connect… rumor has it SC is going down.

The question I always have is… Should I be buying this module, is it dead… I mean look at HCM, is that still alive? Why is it still being sold, when it clearly seems about to die. Just wondering :wink:

We just need a more transparent Roadmap for Customers… patches ftp just retired – no email came, it was instant after 10+yrs of being active… Communication and Transparency


@hasokeric That is called Open Source.

Lets say Epicor comes out tomorrow and says “We no longer offer on-prem, you must migrate to the cloud”. They could, they are a private company – but the fact it took you 100,000 hours to implement, train users, write a decade of KB Articles… doesnt make your move to another on-prem ERP System easy. It costs millions of dollars… but for whatever reason you are determined to remain on-prem.

It would be blah.

But if the ERP Company says “We plan to force everyone to the cloud within 5 years” then you can start thinking about - should we continue investing in this ERP System, or if you are a NEW Customer, should I even buy this ERP System because my goal is to remain in my private cloud. It was the main factor in purchasing X ERP.

I always say Roadmap’s Roadmap’s Roadmap’s.


Thanks @MikeGross for the insight, we are the same - multiple very complex configurators used for the majority of our products.

That might put me on hold from E11 as well… Significant configurator changes are really tough to do and wouldn’t be worth doing twice.


I know 1 large Epicor Customer recently divested because they didnt like going Kinetic, they simply live by the WinForms… they are switching to Infor System 21.

It isn’t for everyone, however they found out 8yrs too late :smiley: #StartOver (PS I know nothing about Infor or System 21)