Explanation on BAQ Security in relation to Active Home Page

I hope this helps provide some details. I’m not trying to say anything about the validity f your concerns, just sharing some data.


Had not noticed this before… Thanks Patrick!

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Here’s another idea from Epicor dev on the matter:

You can create an Updatable BAQ on QueryHdr and update SecCode.
Unfortunately this will not work on System BAQs.
Add the UBAQ to a UDASH.
Copy to Excel then make the changes in Excel to the SecCode field and copy everything without the header row in Excel and then in the UDASH Paste Update.
Make sure they have a backup just in case and that they should test it out on a few records first to make sure it updates correctly and that the users cannot see it in the HomePage.

Nice idea… Still, hoping the checkbox and default security code ideas get taken seriously soon :crossed_fingers:

Just added my 3 votes.

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Also on this note make sure you all do Menu Level Security… some folks put Folder Security and then dont realize that someone can still add a dashboard to auto-run via Tab in classic/modern.